Whimsical Garden Engagement

Stephanie and Matt’s whimsical garden engagement story!!

Matt and I grew up going to the same church but never really got to know each other until we were in high school. We both attended the same school and went to senior prom together. Soon after that we began dating and dated long distance while I was away at college and have been together ever since…which as of last Friday is 6 years! We got engaged back in September when Matt had arranged for one of my best friends to ask me to go to Longwood Gardens with her. We spent the day there and towards the end there was one more spot that she wanted to go and take some pictures. When we were near the waterfall she went ahead to take some more pictures while I spent some time looking around. When I went to find her she was nowhere to be found so I kept walking along a path and thought it was really bizarre that she wasn’t there. I kept walking and went to turn a corner and found Matt standing there (I thought he was still at work after exchanging texts a few minutes earlier). I was in complete shock! I knew once I saw him what was happening but was so surprised!!!! He got down on one knee and the rest is history. They both did a great job of planning the day and it was better than I could have imagined!


Swarthmore College


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