Watermelon Day- Rose Valley, Pennsylvania


Watermelon Day- Rose Valley, Pennsylvania


From the sweetest bride-
Even before we got engaged, we knew when we wanted to get married – Watermelon Day, which is an annual party that is hosted yearly on the day that Ted was adopted. As Ted’s mother was en route to adopt him, a truck filled with 30,000 watermelons took a hard right and spilled the watermelons all over I95 – the only way into the city in 1983. This created a closure, preventing Ted’s mom from the thing she wanted most – her little boy. Eventually, the family was able to bring Ted home, and when he arrived, his parents, neighbors and close friends celebrated by enjoying watermelons. The day is celebrated year after year and has turned in to a party with our closest friends. It’s our favorite day of the year and we wanted that same vibe for our wedding, so we decided to make it a Watermelon Day Wedding, except instead of playing wiffle ball, we got married at home plate. Instead of slices of watermelon, we had watermelon cocktails. We popped up a big, beautiful tent and danced into the next day. Our favorite part of the day, and it’s hard to pick just one, was at the end of the ceremony when we were surprised by the Phillie Phanatic! My sisters, my Matron of Honor and one of my bridesmaids, arranged having the big green guy attend as our wedding present. I’ll never live such an incredible day in my life.

Film : Portra800

Processing: Boutique Film Lab

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Amy Elizabeth - That is the sweetest story from your bride! I have never heard of watermelon day- and that makes it incredibly sweet for the groom to be able to have such a great day remembered again. Beautiful light wedding photos in Rose Valley, PA. Thank you for sharing, Ashlee!

Sonia - What a beautiful way to celebrate the traditions of family on a wedding day. I love this story of a Watermelon Wedding Day. Gorgeous use of light and beautiful color processing!

Jillian Alexander - This is so adorable! What sweet memories!

Cathie berrey-green - What a beautiful and fun wedding. I love learning about the couple and what Watermelon Day is. Beautiful wedidng photography by Ashlee Mintz

Danyel Stapleton - I have never heard of Watermelon Day, but it sounds fantastic! I love all the watermelon details and the guest star Phillie Phanatic! I love seeing film photography being used at weddings.

Addie - This is such a gorgeous AND fun wedding! I love how instrumental watermelon was in their day, that’s so cute! It’s my favorite fruit lol.

Lori Foxworth - Oh my goodness! Watermelon Day sounds amazing! And what an incredibly sweet idea for a wedding. The photos are gorgeous, and all of her details were so lovely. Beautiful work and the Phillie Phanatic too? Lovelovelove!