The Loft- Jack’s Barn

The Loft- Jack’s Barn

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Rich and Sarah knew from the beginning that they wanted to hire someone specifically photograph there wedding in film. Both coming from a film production background.  Not only did Sarah and Rich choose from an array of film to be used but will also be printing the images from there own enlarger too. The film used included Delta3200, Ektar100, Portra400 and Cinestill800.

Rich and Sarah chose Jack’s barn for there wedding nuptials which is also an antique store filled with many treasures. I loved all of the special touches Rich and Sarah included in there wedding, from a custom espresso coffee bar to the perfect wine list this wedding was truly stunning.

Cathie berrey-green - What a beautiful film wedding at the Loft at Jacks Barn. A beautiful couple captured so beautifully as well!

Parker Radbourne - I don’t even have any words – like this wedding is near and dear to my heart (and I don’t even know the couple, or you in person). Film loving couples = yes. The fact that they have their own enlarger makes me die of happiness, I can’t even express to you how excited I am for you to have photographed this wedding and how gorgeous the photographs are.

Lauren Priori - Beautiful wedding photos at the Loft at Jacks Barn! The venue is almost as beautiful as the bride’s dress.

Nicole - This is amazing! I love that the wedding was shot on film and that you truly found a couple who appreciates your passion. The Loft at Jacks Barn was the perfect background for their wedding day.

Kelly loeffler - Beautiful wedding at jacks barn. Their rustic style is great. Love the way you captured all their details

Melanie - Beautiful wedding photography at Jacks Barn. Classic wedding portraits, the couple will cherish their wedding photos shot with film forever.

Lori Foxworth - I ADORE these wedding photos from Jack’s Barn. The stunning film work from Ashlee Mintz is truly special, and see how beautiful the collaboration is with couples who appreciate film work. Stunning bridal portraits as always. And that bouquet! Just lovely!

Paul J. Spetrini - I don’t even know what to say about this wedding at The Loft at Jack’s Barn. This is simply stunning.

You have such a unique eye for details and such a different style than anything out there right now that I look forward to your blogs and this one was no different.

What a bold approach to shoot this in film. You’ve certainly got more skill and patience than most.

Wonderful work as always!

Daniel Keren - This wedding photographed at The Loft at Jack’s Barn is truly spectacular! There’s not many photographers out there that can execute shooting a wedding completely on film, and you truly nailed it! Seriously gorgeous images!