Rustic Farm Wedding

This gorgeous rustic farm wedding started off on the bride’s and groom’s farm where they live. Not only did it make the perfect backdrop for photographs but we were able to include there chickens for a quick feeding.  We then headed to St. Katherine’s for bridal party photographs then off to the reception to dance the night away!!

From the sweetest bride- We are so happy this day has finally come! We worked hard to make our day uniquely us. For months we had all these ideas and finally seeing it all put together made us so happy. My favorite part of our ceremony was planting our marriage tree. We’re glad we didn’t go with the traditional unity candle lighting, as we now have a beautiful tree to remind us of our special day, our love, and the joining of our families. I was not nervous about getting married, I was more nervous that something would go wrong during the day, but luckily our family and vendors truly helped make it a day to remember.

Processing: TheFindLab

Makeup : JP from Underground Artistry

Hair stylist: Lauren Vile

Flowers: Brianna Reiley

Cake: Mayfair Bakery

Entertainment: Time of your life entertainment

Cinema: Videographer Martin’s video

Minister: Thomas Brotherton III

Signage: Handcrafted Brunette


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Paul J. Spetrini - Ashlee, you did a wonderful job with these photos. You really brought out the spirit of this couple and the lighting is top notch.
Great job!

Cassie Xie - Stunning images! The details are perfectly captured and the bride looks so regal in her veil. You captured the rustic notes of this wedding perfectly! The chicken detailing on their wedding stationary suite is just too cute 🙂 Beautiful farm wedding photos!

Kelly Loeffler - I love rustic country weddings! there are so many perfect details that you captured about this day. the different flowers are great and I love the clothes line photo of the different dresses. You really captured the unique and perfect little things that made this wedding. Beautifully done

Amy S - These colors! You did such a beautiful job with this rustic farm wedding. And the chickens were just a bonus! Those little flower girls wearing boots was a great idea. You really took amazing photos for the bride and groom!

Lori Foxworth - What a gorgeous farm wedding! You did a beautiful job making rustic wedding photography perfectly elegant. Love the colors, and your bridal portraits are always my favorites. Beautiful work.

Andrea - I love your styling for detail shots, particularly the invitation on the chicken background. Beautiful rustic wedding and you have so perfectly captured the details and the emotions!

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