Romantic RiverCrest Wedding

This romantic rivercrest wedding was filled with so much love from the sweetest flower girl to a special first look. Not only did Sarah create/design many of the details for her wedding she even had adorable coloring books that resembled herself and Josh for the children that attended. This wedding was definitely a romantic adventure.

From the sweetest bride-

My favorite part of the day was during the ceremony, I have been waiting to say “I do” for over a year since our engagement in December of 2012! Saying our vows was my favorite! ( I was scared about all the pieces coming together for the wedding. But when I realized it was all over I cried and cried and messed up my makeup. Luckily my MUA was still on the scene and could fix it all!) So I knew I couldn’t cry the rest of the day! Luckily I didn’t!

My most memorable moment was having our good friend Scott be our officiant was so special to Josh and I. There was a moment when Scott started to tell a story about Josh and I growing up and how “tender and vulnerable” he could see us as but then made Josh and the audience and I laugh when he said “that’s enough about Josh” I was able to relax and be in the moment. It was a very special ceremony, we also received the Bible that Scott used during the ceremony as a gift. Definitely a cherished item for the family. My favorite detail was also wearing Josh’s late mothers diamond bracelet. Every time I looked at it I was reminded of her and that she was there with us.

Venue-RiverCrest Golf Club

Dress-Sweethearts bridal shop

Invitations-Taste Buds on the Avenue

Cake-The Master’s Baker


Videography- Command Performance Video



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