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I am a natural light wedding and portrait photographer and specialize in fine art wedding photography. I studied photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and after receiving my Bachelors degree I worked as an Art Buyer. I first started pursuing wedding photography in 2007 and am forever grateful that I am able to have a full time wedding photography business. I love shooting film and it has changed my business in so many positive ways.  I live in West Chester, PA but also love traveling for destination weddings. When I’m not photographing a wedding you can find me cuddling my two puppies Riley and Penny.

One of my favorite things is to travel to new places and photograph people madly in love.

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and for me to be in your world on that day is an honor. My images combine romance, whimsy, and warmth while capturing genuine human emotion. It is with these raw, unrehearsed emotions that I bring you back to that exact moment in time for years to come.

One of my favorite things about destination weddings is that they allow the couple to create a magical experience for their closest friends and family

There is no such thing as a typical day. That’s what I love about being a fine art wedding photographer. I am so lucky I get to be creative on a regular basis. One of my favorite things to do is connect with my clients on the styling and bringing together the visual details of there wedding day. Whether it’s working on a wedding color palette together or brainstorming portrait locations I love being available to my clients to provide a wonderful experience.

Every wedding is special and I want the moments I capture to be treasured by you as much as they are treasured by me.


Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Ashlee’s work has been featured in the following publications and blogs:

A special thank you to Ashley Crawford Photography for capturing these genuine film portraits of myself while traveling to Utah this past winter!!

Parker Radbourne - I swear I’m forever commenting about how obsessed I am with your film photography, but I love these portraits OF you, too! Seriously, nothing beats film and when you’re also a wedding photographer – I’m #swooning over your work.

Kevin Maurice - Love love love these portraits!

Kelly Loeffler - Ashlee these portraits of you are wonderful. Congratulations on all your feature, anyone would be lucky to have you as their destination wedding photographer

Sonia Freeman - Ashlee, these pictures are so beautiful! Way to get in front of the camera and be vulnerable so your clients can see what an amazing person you are and also check out your fine art photography.

cathie berrey green - What beautiful portraits Ashlee! I love the use of film!

Lori Foxworth - Beautiful portraits of one of my favorite fine art wedding photographers. I love your film work and these portraits so perfectly represent you and your work. I love the snowy portraits. Just lovely!

Danyel Stapleton - Beautiful portraits Ashlee! I adore your film photography and weddings.

Lauren Priori - My favorite fine art wedding photographer in Philadelphia! Love these pretty pics of you, Ashlee. Can’t wait to see more of your film photography.

Fairmount Park Horticulture Center


Fairmount Park Horticulture Center | Philadelphia

 I cannot imagine a more beautiful location than The Fairmount Horticulture Center in Philadelphia. The Horticulture Center was perfect for Robbie and Jerry’s engagement session. Not only is the green house filled with amazing tropical plants but beautiful landscaping surrounding it. It’s natural ambiance sets the mood for the most romantic engagement session.

Processing: Boutique Film Lab

Film: Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400

Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Kelly Loeffler - such a beautiful ring shot at the Fairmount park horticulture center. They are such a cute couple. that ring though! gorgeous shot

Danyel - What romantic engagement photos at the Fairmount Horticulture Center in Philadelphia! That ring shot is perfect!!

Parker Radbourne - Ashlee, everytime I visit your wedding photography blog I die a little inside. Your film photography is so perfect and as a want-to-be-shooting-film-full-time photographer your work is so inspiring! The Horticulture Center looks so beautiful, the perfect engagement session location!

Lori Foxworth - I always love your engagement photography, but the Horticulture Center is truly a perfect location for your photography. That ring shot is stunning and your work with film always perfectly romantic.

Amy Elizabeth - You made such good use of Fairmount Horticulture Center in Philadelphia for this engagement session! The engagement ring is gorgeous and I love the couple’s style for their portraits. Ashlee Mintz you did it again!

Utah Adventures- Fine Art Photography


Utah Adventures- Fine Art Photography

My first adventure in 2017 included a trip to Provo, Utah. Not only did I have the opportunity to explore Salt Lake City, Provo and Park City ( sundance film festival ) but I had the opportunity to photograph freelance model/ makeup artist and YouTube queen Alexa Kait. We rented the amazing Be More Studios for the day and created magic together.

My next stop was to the Ice castles in Midway, Utah. I have always dreamed about these incredible castles and having the opportunity to explore them first hand was a dream come true. The ice castles are straight out of a fairy tale.

I was so excited to visit Park city, Utah and experience my first sundance film festival. I was lucky enough to even view a film. The film I saw was called “Legion of Brothers” and was very inspiring. I would definitely recommend visiting Utah during the film festival and trying to see as many films as possible.

I cannot wait to see what adventures the rest of 2017 has in store for me!

Utah Adventures- Fine Art Photography

Film for Icecastles: Lomography400 ( purple )

Film for Alexa Kait : Portra 400

Film for Mountains : Ektar100

Processing: Boutique Film Lab


 “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

Amy Elizabeth - Wow. Ice castles for portraits?!??! Give me all of that for inspiring photography!!! I absolutely love how you used Utah in all it’s glory for your amazing portrait photography. Your views of Salt Lake City, Provo and Park City are simply breathtaking. Truly making art with your film. Bravo to Ashlee Mintz!

Danyel - Beautiful fine art film photography by Ashlee Mintz. Utah is spectacular. I especially love your landscapes of the snowy Utah mountains.

Kelly Loeffler - Your model is stunning. I can’t get over the pictures from the ice cave. I love Utah and really want to go again after seeing your beautiful images from your trip

cathie berrey green - This is a Gorgeous shoot. Ashlee Mintz did a fantastic job photographing this beautiful model in the Utah Mountains.

Melanie - Beautiful photography by Ashlee Mintz photography! I love seeing a mixture of the gorgeous model and the ice of Utah. The closeup photo of the model with he flower headband is my absolute favorite, it looks like a painting.

Lori Foxworth - I love your portraits of Alexa Kait from Utah! Your film portraits are always stunning and the inspiration from Utah’s beautiful ice and views are definitely evident. Beautiful work as always!

Longwood Gardens Winter Engagement

Longwood Gardens Winter Engagement

2017-02-08_0001 2017-02-08_0002 2017-02-08_0003 2017-02-08_0004 2017-02-08_0005 2017-02-08_0006 2017-02-08_0007 2017-02-08_0008

Longwood Gardens is one of the most magical places to explore during the winter.  My favorite thing is to stroll through the gardens while sipping hot chocolate. Longwood Gardens makes for the perfect winter adventure.

I cannot wait for Kelly & Greg’s winter wedding in 2017!!

Film Processing : The Boutique Film Lab

Film : Ektar 100 pushed


Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Danyel - Gorgeous engagement photos at Longwood Gardens! I love how the trees are lit up with twinkling lights. Perfect location for winter photos!

Parker Radbourne - Wow. What a perfect winter engagement photoshoot! I love how beautiful Longwood Gardens looks and I can’t wait to see the photographs from their wedding!

Sonia Freeman - What a beautiful, sparkly, twinkling light engagement session! Longwood Gardens seems like the perfect place for a winter engagement session in Philadelphia.

Kelly Loeffler - This is a gorgeous engagement session. Their love for each other and the vibrant colors are awesome

Lori Foxworth - Some of my favorite of your engagement shoots are the ones from Longwood Gardens. It’s a perfect match for your elegant, high end wedding photography, and a perfect way for couples to get to know you and your style of wedding photography before their wedding day. Really beautiful.

Cathie berrey green - What a beautiful engagement session at Longwood Gardens. Such an exciting time for this couple and you photographed it perfectly capturing their love.

Hayley Paige Trunk Show

Hayley Paige Trunk Show

2017-01-12_0001 2017-01-12_0008 2017-01-12_0003 2017-01-12_0020 2017-01-12_0002 2017-01-12_0019 2017-01-12_0010 2017-01-12_0006 2017-01-12_0011 2017-01-12_0005 2017-01-12_0015 2017-01-12_0014 2017-01-12_0016 2017-01-12_0017 2017-01-12_0018 2017-01-12_0009 2017-01-12_0007 2017-01-12_0004 2017-01-12_0013 2017-01-12_0021

Starting 2017 off with photographing the Hayley Paige trunk show is a dream come true. I have been a huge fan of Hayley Paige for forever and having the opportunity to witness her working with brides to customize there gowns for there wedding day was unbelievable. I even had the privilege of photographing Hayley for a few portraits. Not only is she so talented but she is the sweetest. Jennifer’s bridal bridal hosted the perfect trunk show for brides to view Hayley Paige‘s 2017 collection. This special event allowed bride’s to also meet with Lindsie from Haute Bride to add custom pieces to there Hayley Paige gowns. This special peek of the 2017 gowns still has me swooning!!

Film : Portra 400

Processing: The Boutique Film Lab

If you are interested in attending a trunk show contact Jennifer’s bridal for the ultimate bridal experience !!

Parker Radbourne - Jennifer’s Bridal is the cutest shop ever! I can’t believe you got to meet Hayley, and photograph a Hayley Paige trunk show! So many gorgeous wedding dresses and accessories!

leah - Wow! What a fun shoot. Jennifer’s Bridal in Delaware looks like a great place to shop for wedding dresses. The Hayley Paige trunk show was filled with stunning dresses and great accessories. Ashlee Mintz Photography did a stellar job photographing this fun event.

Lori Foxworth - I love your portraits of Hayley Paige amongst her stunning wedding gowns! Your film photography is such a perfect pairing with the light, airy Hayley Paige gowns. Jennifer’s bridal was a perfect choice to host the event for Hayley Paige brides. Well done!

Kelly Loeffler - This Hayley Paige Trunk Show looks awesome. I love all the beautiful dresses you photographed. You have such an eye for details