Elegant 4th of July Sheraton Society Hill Wedding

Nicki and John’s wedding had the prettiest red, white and blue details for a spectacular July 4th wedding!! This elegant Philadelphia wedding was amazing for celebrating, with friends and family! Nicki and John’s wedding day truly was one of the most special ways to spend the 4th of July weekend. It was stunning, memorable and so much fun. The sweetest of celebrations! I’m so honored we were able to be a part of it. Cheers to summer sips and sparklers!!

Ashlee Mintz Photography

Film Processing: Boutique Film Lab

Film: Portra800

Dress: Kleinfeld

Venue: Sheraton Society Hill

Videography: Bob Hogan Productions

Philadelphia portrait locations: Merchants Exchange Building/ National Bank

A special thank you to Ashley Gerrity & Jess Watson for second shooting/assisting!!

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Kelly Loeffler - I love 4th of July weddings. Those sparkler shots are so light and beautiful. Their shimmery details are beautiful. What a gorgeous wedding at Sheraton Society Hill

Nicole - What a fun 4th of July themed wedding in Philadelphia at the Sheraton! I loved that the couple played up the red, white, and blue colors. How sweet that they got to bring their dog to the wedding as well! Great job capturing the love on their special day.

Gianna - What lovely colors for a 4th of July wedding! I love the deep blue and gold theme, and his suit ties in perfectly. I especially love that fireworks cake. Wonderful wedding at the Society Hill Sheraton!

Annie - So so beautiful! You captured the details in the most stunning way!

Lori Foxworth - What an elegant 4th of July Philadelphia wedding! You really hit some classic spots! Love the red, white and blue details and your film wedding photography is always so lovely. Beautiful wedding photography as always!

Leah - Simply gorgeous imagery from this July 4th Philadelphia wedding! I love the blue and gold theme and that cake is so cool! I love the portraits at The Merchants Exhange/ National Bank, stunning!

Samantha - This 4th of july sheraton society hill wedding is so incredibly beautiful! I love teh details you captured!

Parker - Ashlee I feel like every comment I leave is just a repeat of what I always say, but honestly I am seriously just always in love with your film wedding photography. You always capture so much emotion and beauty, and this Sheraton Society Hill wedding is no exception. Gorgeous work, keep it up!

Jen - I just love weddings that are done on July 4th!! You truly are a blessing to Philadelphia as a wedding photographer-you truly have a gift! I love all of these images!!!

Vanessa - These are adorable! Absolutely stunning work!

Adrienne - This is such a lovely Philadephia wedding at the Sheraton! I love how you put the bridal party on the steps at Merchants Exchange in Old City!

Melanie - Beautiful Sheraton Society Hill Wedding in Philadelphia! I love your work and look forward to seeing it. Another beautifully captured wedding.

Amy Elizabeth - Clean, crisp and timeless wedding photography! I am loving this Philadelphia wedding- especially on Independence Day! Way to incorporate the Merchants Exchange for wedding portraits. Amazing work, Ashlee Mintz!

Sneak Peek of Longwood Garden’s new fountain garden

Sneak Peek of Longwood Garden’s new fountain garden

I am thrilled to share a sneak peek into my first engagement session since Longwood garden’s has debut there new fountain garden’s. Alexandra and Will chose Longwood Garden’s for there engagement session not only for there lush garden’s but there amazing fountain show. I cannot wait for Alexandra and Will’s Mexico destination wedding this year!


Move over, Bellagio!! Longwood garden’s fountain show takes the cake!

Venue: https://longwoodgardens.org

Film: Portra800

Processing: Boutique Film lab


Gianna - These look like they could be straight from a fashion magazine! What a stylish couple. You make me want to plan a visit to Longwood Garden.

Nicole - Ashlee! These are stunning. I’m obsessed with Longwood Garden’s new fountains. Great job 🙂

Lauren Priori - Love love the new fountain at Longwood Gardens! This engagement session is so sweet. And the champagne doesn’t hurt 🙂

Lauren Priori - Love love the new fountain at Longwood Gardens! This engagement session is so sweet. And the champagne doesn’t hurt 🙂 So fun.

Julia - Beautiful photos! 🙂 Those fountains are incredible! I haven’t been to Longwood yet, so I’ll definitely have to go check out those fountains whenever I get the chance!

Samantha Jay - This Longwood Garden’s engagement session perfectly captures the new areas at the gardens! This couple is stunning!

Kate - STUNNING!!! You did an amazing job of capturing a timeless, romantic couple. Love their style. So sophisticated 🙂

Lori Foxworth - Your Longwood Garden engagement shoots are always perfect, and this is one of my favorites! The new Longwood Garden fountain looks incredible! Your film work is stunning as always.

Melanie - Absolutely gorgeous engagement photos at Longwood Gardens! I love seeing the new fountain! Your photos are so colorful and fun. Beautiful location in the Philadelphia area for engagement photos.

Amy Elizabeth - You made Longwood Gardens look FLAWLESS! Always love the light and bright photography by Ashlee Mintz Photography. Beautiful wardrobe for an engagement session, too!

Kristen Jarrett - Ok I want to live where you do! Longwood Gardens is so pretty, I would want to shoot every engagement session there. Beautiful engagement photography!!

Parker - Shut up Ashlee. Your film wedding / engagement / lifestyle photography is always so on point, but the fountains at Longwood Gardens are seriously making me jealous! I need to get my butt up there to photograph there!

Adrienne - Very classy engagement session at Longwood Gardens. Their new fountains look amazing, I can’t wait to see them in person!

Greystone Hall Wedding – West Chester

Greystone Hall Wedding – West Chester

I knew when I first met Holly and Richie it was a perfect match, their inspiration for their romantic wedding was based off of the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice. Not only did they want intimate film portraits but they were even willing to run for a few candid photographs. I love when my couples trust me fully with their fine art photographs. Greystone Hall is one of my favorite venues. From the incredible Pergola to the historic grounds, the possibilities are endless.


Getting ready: The Fairville Inn

Ceremony: St. Agnes, West Chester

Reception: Greystone Hall

Film: Portra800

Processing: The Boutique Film Lab

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Nicole - What a beautiful wedding shot by Ashlee Mintz at Greystone Hall in West Chester, PA! I love the running shots of the bridal party! So fun 🙂

Amy Elizabeth - Ashlee Mintz. You nailed it, again! This Greystone Hall wedding in West Chester is simply stunning. LOVE the running pictures and how the other posed wedding party pictures look perfectly placed! Gorgeous wedding PA photography, as usual.

Lori Foxworth - This wedding is everything I love about your wedding photography. It’s sophisticated, elegant and romantic. Your detail shots and portraits are lovely as always. Everyone one of your clients should include your film photography in their wedding photography package. It is truly special.

Sonia Freeman - Wow! Gorgeous wedding film photography at Geystone Hall in West Chester! Love the bright and airy feel to these wedding day portraits.

Leah - Ashlee Mintz Photography captured this Greystone Hall wedding perfectly. What a picturesque venue to have a wedding at! I LOVE how playful the bride is with her wedding dress and how nicely all the details came together. Another stunning capture of a West Chester, PA wedding

Peace Valley Park Engagement Session

I am thrilled to share this insanely gorgeous sunrise engagement session. Mel and Ryan had there first date at Peace Valley Park in Doylestown, PA, so it was so special to be able to head back to there engagement session. I enjoyed capturing this fun loving couple and where they first connected. Peace Valley Park is the perfect location to have a peaceful and beautiful view of the lake.

A special thank you to Rebecca Mulholland of RAM Floral to the amazing florals.

Florals : RAM Floral

Film Processing: Boutique Film Lab

Film : Film Supply Club Portra 800+2

Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Paul J. Spetrini - Ashlee, wonderful work as always. I just loved this early sunrise engagement shoot in Doylestown, PA. I love the vibrant colors and flattering poses you picked out and can tell this couple had a great time on their shoot.

I especially love the shots of them going away together on the water. Such a great photo and it says everything you need to.

Awesome work. 🙂

Lauren Priori - So obsessed with this Doylestown, PA engagement session! Loved it since I saw it on instagram. Those flowers are unbelievable!

The Loft- Jack’s Barn

The Loft- Jack’s Barn

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Rich and Sarah knew from the beginning that they wanted to hire someone specifically photograph there wedding in film. Both coming from a film production background.  Not only did Sarah and Rich choose from an array of film to be used but will also be printing the images from there own enlarger too. The film used included Delta3200, Ektar100, Portra400 and Cinestill800.

Rich and Sarah chose Jack’s barn for there wedding nuptials which is also an antique store filled with many treasures. I loved all of the special touches Rich and Sarah included in there wedding, from a custom espresso coffee bar to the perfect wine list this wedding was truly stunning.

Cathie berrey-green - What a beautiful film wedding at the Loft at Jacks Barn. A beautiful couple captured so beautifully as well!

Parker Radbourne - I don’t even have any words – like this wedding is near and dear to my heart (and I don’t even know the couple, or you in person). Film loving couples = yes. The fact that they have their own enlarger makes me die of happiness, I can’t even express to you how excited I am for you to have photographed this wedding and how gorgeous the photographs are.

Lauren Priori - Beautiful wedding photos at the Loft at Jacks Barn! The venue is almost as beautiful as the bride’s dress.

Nicole - This is amazing! I love that the wedding was shot on film and that you truly found a couple who appreciates your passion. The Loft at Jacks Barn was the perfect background for their wedding day.

Kelly loeffler - Beautiful wedding at jacks barn. Their rustic style is great. Love the way you captured all their details

Melanie - Beautiful wedding photography at Jacks Barn. Classic wedding portraits, the couple will cherish their wedding photos shot with film forever.

Lori Foxworth - I ADORE these wedding photos from Jack’s Barn. The stunning film work from Ashlee Mintz is truly special, and see how beautiful the collaboration is with couples who appreciate film work. Stunning bridal portraits as always. And that bouquet! Just lovely!

Paul J. Spetrini - I don’t even know what to say about this wedding at The Loft at Jack’s Barn. This is simply stunning.

You have such a unique eye for details and such a different style than anything out there right now that I look forward to your blogs and this one was no different.

What a bold approach to shoot this in film. You’ve certainly got more skill and patience than most.

Wonderful work as always!

Daniel Keren - This wedding photographed at The Loft at Jack’s Barn is truly spectacular! There’s not many photographers out there that can execute shooting a wedding completely on film, and you truly nailed it! Seriously gorgeous images!