Romantic Winter Wonderland

Brad proposed to Nicole- It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Brad planned a trip to New York City for the day. It was December 4, 2014. We spent the day sightseeing. I have always wanted to see the Rockefellar Christmas Tree. As soon as it got dark we walked to the Rockefellar Center to see the amazing tree. There it stood beaming at us. It was so beautiful! The next thing I know Brad gets down on one knee and popped the question! It was such a magical moment. We were surrounded by love and Christmas. Since we both love Christmas and the cold weather we decided to have a Christmas themed wedding.

This is why we chose Rose Tree Park in Media, PA to take the engagement photographs. The lights on the trees were magical and set the perfect scene for this romantic winter wonderland. Each year, when winter approaches, the park gets dressed up in its holiday finest — sparkling at night with strands of glowing lights and twinkling displays.


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Salty Kisses and Sandy Toes

This engagement session was filled with so many salty kisses and sandy toes. I am definitely feeling nostalgic for summer this week with the snow and cold.  The ocean makes a perfect backdrop for romantic and candid moments. And it was IMPOSSIBLE to choose images from this session to blog because they are all so gorgeous. I never get tired of photographing engagement sessions and weddings at the beach. Being at the beach for an engagement session before sunset is a very magical experience. The beach was perfect for Jessica and Michael because they first met in Sea Isle and it holds many special memories for both of them. They also wanted to include there adorable three year old daughter, who definitely stole the show with her cute laugh and smile. I cannot wait for there summer wedding this year taking place in Philadelphia. This session was also  featured on Love and Lavender check it out!!

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Philadelphia Bling

Tess and Jason’s wedding day was filled with so much Philadelphia bling. love and surprises. They had a balloon release after the ceremony that was so unique and fun. Jason sung A cappella before there big entrance into the reception. There wedding was based off of the Great Gatsby and the decor in the reception portrayed that perfectly. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

From the bride-I went to 5 different bridal gown shops on a search for my perfect dress. I didn’t really have a vision in mind because you never really know what type of dress is going to flatter your figure until you start trying dresses on. However, I did know that I wanted something with bling because that’s just me. The Bridal Garden in New Jersey was my last hope, I was tired of looking because when you try on so many dresses they all start to look the same, if a bride says they don’t, then they are in denial. My consultant there was amazing! She knew what I wanted right away, brought out 7 dresses and when I saw the one on the hanger it took my breath away, I just knew that the Allure gown was going to be the one.  My favorite part of the day was when I was walking down the aisle. It was a moment in time that I will never forget. Seeing my husband’s face while making that walk, seeing everyone’s smiling faces, knowing that I was going to be a wife to the most amazing man ever. It was a feeling of true happiness that I wish everyone can experience. My favorite detail of the day was my wedding cake. It went above and beyond my expectations. Feathers, pearls, and glitter. Every layer was a different flavor and design, it was just stunning!

Bridal Gown: Bridal Garden

Makeup/hair: Bella Angel

Venue: Iaste 8 Ballroom 

Dj:Synergetic Sounds

Cake: Unik Cakes

Flowers: Penny Pack Flowers

Jeweler: Infinity Jewelers






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Rustic Fall Wedding

I cannot say enough how much I love love love this rustic fall wedding. From the cowboy boots the bridesmaids wore to Jennifer’s mermaid gown this wedding was the perfect combination of romance and country. There were so many favorite elements to this wedding especially Jennifer and Nick’s first look. It definitely brought tears to my eyes seeing how much they love each other and how excited they were to tie the knot together. It was very magical that they were able to say I do under an arch way of flowers too. The reception was a blast and guests were in awe when Jennifer changed into a second dress at the reception. My personal favorite factor to this wedding was that Jennifer and Nick gave a donation to the all PAWS organization in lieu of favors.

Words from the sweetest bride—I had always known I would be a mermaid on my wedding day. At La Bella Donna my wedding dress was the 3rd dress I tried on! I knew it was the one because I was jumping up and down! My favorite part of the day was our First Look, it was special to have that alone time before we said I do! And to see each other. I’ll never forget his face. My most memorable part of the day was walking down the aisle. The weather was beautiful and crisp. The scenery was gorgeous and I loved the song I chose to walk to. (All I want is you, U2) It was a moment I imagined over and over again and it was perfect.My favorite detail of the day was the cowboy boots! I loved wearing them who my formal dress and then later with my party dress! My bridesmaids looked awesome in them as well. It brought such a fun vibe to our wedding!

Flowers- Haddonfield Florist

Dress-Dress la bella donna

Hair and makeup –Glamour Me Bridal

Cowboy boots- Country Outfitter

Dj-Gaetano Bosco

Reception-Joseph Ambler Inn


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Oh baby

OH baby!!

A baby girl is ….

A baby girl is cuddles

and tickles on the toes

the sweet scent of powder

and a kiss on the nose!

Sweet Sweet baby!!

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Dresses : Free People

Hair and makeup :Madeleine Shapiro

Flower Crown : SewTrendyAccessories

Floral F: Ashlee Mintz Photography

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