Classic Wedding at Penn Oaks Country Club

I am still swooning over Beth and Mike’s classic summer wedding. This classic wedding at Penn Oaks Country Club has everything, from the gorgeous Christian Louboutin’s ( my favorite ) to the fun pink groomsmen socks. I loved the balance of elegance and fun Beth and Mike’s wedding was filled with. Not only did Beth complete her day with so many  details but made sure to keep the day flowing with fun. It was perfect. We had the best weather for taking pictures on the Penn Oaks Country Club golf course and it made a great backdrop for there formal portraits. I love how Beth included her niece and nephew into her wedding. They are the sweetest. I hope you enjoy this beautiful summer wedding and it gives you inspiration for your own wedding day!!




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Puppy Love

I am so excited to blog the cutest session of the year! If you know me you know dogs are something I am very passionate about, so getting the chance to photograph this sweet puppy love was perfect for me. I was so happy when Joy and Chris contacted me to photograph the newest addition to there family, puppy Brodie. Brodie is a Havanese Poodle mix and a complete doll. She is super smart and was the perfect model. I know everyone is going to want to adopt a little baby like Brodie after viewing this session. Just look at her in that sweet pink tutu!! I cannot wait to watch this sweetie grow up!!


This session is also going to be featured on the Daily Dog Tag!!

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Keep a look out for this session that is going to be featured on the Daily Dog Tag!

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peacock wedding bliss

You know its going to be a great wedding when mini Limoncello bottles are given as the  favors. Jennifer and Bobby’s wedding is one of my favorite weddings for the summer. It was pure bliss. Not only was this wedding filled with elegance and fun but it also had many DIY details. Jennifer created her own centerpieces which were beautiful peonies and candles with peacock feathers. Incorporating peacock feathers into the decor to represent Bobby’s last name of Pavone ( in italian) which means peacock was a great  dazzling detail. The best part was when the mummers made a surprise appearance to get the party started. This wedding was two heritages coming together to create pure wedding bliss.

Makeup Artist:Lella Loulou

Reception Venue: McCall Golf and Country Club

Floral Designer:William Didden Flower Shop

This wedding was also featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs…check it out Desiree Hartsock

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2014-07-30_0027 2014-07-30_0028 2014-07-30_0029

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Blue Rocks Engagement Session

All of you baseball fans are going to go crazy over this latest engagement session. I love themed engagement sessions.  I had a great time working with Kayla and Brandon. They are super cute and so much fun!! This engagement session goes down as one of my all time favorite engagement sessions because of its location. Being on the field, in the dugout and having the freedom to roam about the stadium was awesome. We had the whole stadium to ourselves. After pictures at the stadium we went over to the Wilmington Riverfront for a different location. I love Kayla’s tulle skirt. I cannot wait for there wedding in March!!

Blue Rocks Stadium


Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Sweet Penny girl turns ONE

This session was for my sweet Penny  girl who is turning ONE  July 25th. Penny is a Maltipoo mixed  puppy. The Mintz family adopted Penny when she was only 3 months old after being abandoned on the streets of Philadelphia at 1 month old. We had been looking for a companion for our other adorable puppy Riley. And when we saw Penny we knew she would complete our family of pups. She was adopted from the Delaware County SPCA, MEDIA PA.

Happy birthday sweet Penny girl! We cannot believe you are already turning one. From the day we first set eyes on you, to watching you thrive this past year have been some of the best moments of our lives.Happy birthday to the smirky girl that loves to give kisses and snuggle in our arms. Happy Birthday Little Miss P!!!

Pennys tulle tutu-B Couture Boutique

My love for dogs began as a child and now I currently photographed and volunteer at the Chester County SPCA . I am very grateful I have the opportunity to not only volunteer my time to the CCSPCA but to be able to photograph the dogs to give others the chance to see the dogs the way us volunteers do.