Bear Creek Mountain Wedding

I was so excited to travel to the Bear Creek Mountain Resort for Amy and Drew’s wedding. Bear Creek is beautiful for a wedding and mini vacation. This gorgeous gallery of photos isn’t one to be missed! From that gorgeous ring to that dreamy veil there is so much to love about Amy and Drew’s wedding.

From the beautiful bride- My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle with Drew up there choked up  and seeing all of our closest friends standing beside us supporting us on the biggest day of our lives. Doing the first look with Drew seeing how excited he was to see me after months of build up on what the dress would look like !!!! He thought I was wearing a ball gown lol!


Makeup- Makeup by katie marie

Bridal Gown- Bridal Sophisticate

Cake-Peice a cake bakery

Flowers- Garden of Eden florist


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Wedding Magazine

I have been wanting to share my excitement with everyone since I found out I would be published in one of my favorite Wedding Magazines!! I am beyond thrilled to share an article I wrote for Lemonade & Lenses May Wedding Magazine. Lemonade and Lenses Magazine has been one of my favorite go to magazines since I began my photography journey. This article is very dear to my heart because my brides are the glue to the wedding day. My brides are one of the many reasons why I love wedding photography. Writing about the Anatomy of Bridal Portraits was a pleasure. I hope this article helps brides as well as other photographers feel at ease on there wedding day to create and capture beautiful imagery.


Thank you to all of my brides and clients who trust me to capture one of the most important days of there lives….


Purchase your printed copy here : Lemonade & Lenses May Wedding Issue


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Alora Rachelle - LOVE this! Makes me wonder if I should get back on the magazine game

Allison - How exciting!!! Congrats and your work is beautiful!

Lauren - Congratulations on getting published – lovely photos!

Samantha - Yayay!!! Congrats! The images are stunning!!!!

Samantha - Yaya!!! Congrats!!! Oh the images are just dreamy!!!

Romantic New Hope Engagement Session

This romantic New Hope engagement session has everything, from history, a gorgeous sunset and a madly in love couple . It is always really special to me when I get the chance to photograph another talented photographer.  I am forever grateful to have met Carrie Anne and not only worked with her on countless projects and weddings but to have the chance to photograph her wedding day means the world to me. Engagement sessions are so significant because on your wedding day you will probably spend the most time with your photographer.  At your engagement session we will have time together in a casual environment to really get to build our connection.  You will get to see how I shoot and I will get a chance to ask you all about your love adventure.  For your engagement session you need to be ready to: have fun, cuddle, kiss, tickle, laugh, and just be in love with each other, I will take care of the rest! Your wedding day is a BIG day! Consider your engagement session the perfect time to practice for your wedding day! Your engagement is such a special time in your life,  it is a new chapter in your love story.  You deserve to document this part of your story just as much as the next.  Your engagement session is totally unique to you, just like your wedding day.  No two are the same.  I always encourage my couples to add elements of “who they are” to the engagement session to make it memorable.  This is a chance for you to truly show who you are and what you love to do together. From the location to any props or little details , it is totally about you.  You are in love, you are engaged, you are getting married!!  There is no better time to capture your affection!

Carrie Anne-We have never had professional photos done together and Ashlee made it such an easy, casual experience. We were just two people in love being ourselves. We walked around, and just hung out together while Ashlee documented it.

Featured on : Beyond the Wanderlust


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Romantic RiverCrest Wedding

This romantic rivercrest wedding was filled with so much love from the sweetest flower girl to a special first look. Not only did Sarah create/design many of the details for her wedding she even had adorable coloring books that resembled herself and Josh for the children that attended. This wedding was definitely a romantic adventure.

From the sweetest bride-

My favorite part of the day was during the ceremony, I have been waiting to say “I do” for over a year since our engagement in December of 2012! Saying our vows was my favorite! ( I was scared about all the pieces coming together for the wedding. But when I realized it was all over I cried and cried and messed up my makeup. Luckily my MUA was still on the scene and could fix it all!) So I knew I couldn’t cry the rest of the day! Luckily I didn’t!

My most memorable moment was having our good friend Scott be our officiant was so special to Josh and I. There was a moment when Scott started to tell a story about Josh and I growing up and how “tender and vulnerable” he could see us as but then made Josh and the audience and I laugh when he said “that’s enough about Josh” I was able to relax and be in the moment. It was a very special ceremony, we also received the Bible that Scott used during the ceremony as a gift. Definitely a cherished item for the family. My favorite detail was also wearing Josh’s late mothers diamond bracelet. Every time I looked at it I was reminded of her and that she was there with us.

Venue-RiverCrest Golf Club

Dress-Sweethearts bridal shop

Invitations-Taste Buds on the Avenue

Cake-The Master’s Baker


Videography- Command Performance Video



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Bun in the Oven

It is finally almost spring and we couldn’t wait to get outside for a baby bump session. This maternity session took place at Rose Tree Park in Media ,PA. We knew a bun in the oven theme would be perfect and that’s when we teamed up with Elizabeth from Little Elephant Crafts. She created the sweetest little bun prop for us to use.

Little Elephant Crafts  was started in in 2012 – the day after Mother’s Day, and it quickly became an exciting adventure. By this point, in 2015, we’ve sold our fun and interactive pregnancy announcements to over 5,000 expectant mothers, and we love hearing their stories of joy and excitement. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the birth of a baby – and we are privileged and delighted to be a part of so many pregnancy stories. Our special sculpting material is made of simple, natural ingredients, and becomes rock-hard after drying – allowing these little Buns to be keepsakes for a lifetime. The are each individually hand painted and styled, giving them a lovingly-crafted feel, and a one-of-a-kind unique quality. After inserting customers’ personalized notes into the top of the Buns, we complete the presentation by nestling them each in baker’s cheesecloth, with a sprig of artificial greenery, before tying the tiny little brown boxes with soft, straw ribbon. They are made with love and care every step of the way, to make your special announcement adorably memorable!


Bun in the Oven-Little Elephant Crafts

Check back April 28th to see this session Featured on- Beyond The Wanderlust


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