Rustic Glam Wedding-Ash Mill Farm

I am swooning over the portraits we were able to take at Ash Mill Farms for this gorgeous rustic glam wedding. This wedding is the perfect inspiration for brides wanting to bring a rustic romantic feel to there wedding day. Carrie Anne’s vision for wild flowers and adding a bit of glamour came together perfectly. She traveled on a road trip over the summer to New Orleans where she was inspired to try on Sue Wong designers wedding gowns. She knew then she had found the perfect gown. This amazing dress has beading detail and flows perfectly for a bride looking for a dress that is not so traditional. This Gatsby glamour look was completed with a rhinestone headband and greek goddess sandals. We started off with a first look for Carrie Anne and Nick at Peddlers Village then headed to Ash Mill farms for formal portraits. This location made for a stunning backdrop. To our surprise there was even a magical swing for the gorgeous couple to have fun with. Nick wore his navy whites and was looking great! It was the perfect day for an outdoor ceremony. Under a rod iron gazebo the two were wed then it was off to the Warrington Country Club to dance the night away. Carrie Anne even had personal touches that were fabulous such as a fun photo booth with props for guests to interact.


Portrait Location: Ash Mill Farm

Reception Location: Warrington Country Club

Makeup/hairstylist: Kimberly Senick

Headpiece: BlueSkyHorizons

Dress Designer: BHLDN – Sue Wong Designer

Wedding Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

Dress Store: Violets Nola

Floral Design: Dominic Grazianos

Processing: TheFindLab

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Paul J. Spetrini - Ashlee, I love this gallery. What a great look and feel to these photos. I love the unique combination of the inked bride and the very traditional military groom and the lighting for a lot of these is awesome.
Gives the photos a really cool and distinctive flavor.
Great job!

Sheila DeNardo - As grandmother of the groom, and now grandmother to Carrie Anne, and grandmother to two of the groomsmen, I have to say that in knowing them, you captured their personalities. These photos are absolutely beautiful! I love how natural they are, and by saying that I mean that there is no stiffness to the subjects, they all look happy and non posed. Beautiful!

Amy Santos - Rustic romance is right! What a great gallery of wedding photography at Ash Mill Farm. All the details blend so well together and that ceremony was so full of light! Beautiful work.

Parker - What a beautiful rustic, yet glamorous, wedding! I love the American flags in the background in your portraits.

Ailecia Ruscin - What beautiful wedding photography at Ash Mill Farm! I love your muted tones and who doesn’t love a patriotic wedding with a groom in uniform! Beautiful shots, exquisite composition and editing. I love your bridal portraits and attention to detail. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Lori Foxworth - Absolutely gorgeous! Ash Mill Farm was the perfect wedding venue for a glamorous, rustic wedding. The bride’s Sue Wong dress was a perfect match for your film work. I always love your portraits and details. Stunning work as always!

Andrea - The hand beading on the Sue Wong wedding gown is amazing! Beautiful wedding photography, Ashlee

Cassie Xie - That dress! That headpiece! And man oh man, I love a groom in uniform 🙂 The scenery and trees at the Ash Mill Farm are beautiful! The ivy walls are so pretty and you did such a great job capturing the natural peace of the location. You can tell the couple had such a wonderful day, such great photos!!

Kelly Loeffler - Love your style. the beautiful light in these pictures, I love it! This brides dress is so different and I love the detail on it. The swing pictures are my favorite. the way you capture the the look in their eyes when they see each other is perfect. You did a great job on this wedding.

Ballroom at the Ben

I am swooning over this Philly wedding that took place at the Ballroom at the Ben. Noelle and Jason got married at St. Pius church then it was off to the city for us. Noelle’s vision for her wedding was stunning. And her wedding gown was to die for!! This glamorous Philadelphia wedding was bursting at the seems with bling, a gorgeous gown and so much more!!  We headed to Washington Square for bridal party portraits then to the Ballroom at the Ben to party!! This wedding was filled with timeless details and the perfect elegant design. I adored the blush and champagne colors that tied in for the perfect color scheme for this wedding day. This is the perfect inspiration for a bride looking for a wedding filled with lots of glamour!

Venue: Ballroom at the Ben | Finley Catering

Wedding Gown:Wedding Pavilion – Van Cleve Collection

Makeup:Ivey Artistry

Thank you to  Jessica Watson Photography for second shooting!

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2015-09-21_0046 2015-09-21_0037 2015-09-21_0038 2015-09-21_0039 2015-09-21_0036


Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Steve - The brides dress looks stunning, excellent job and capturing the detail of it, and showcasing it! This looks like an absolutely in love couple on a perfect wedding day!

Amy S - Just stunning. This Philly wedding was beautiful and you captured it so well! My jaw dropped at that wide shot of the Ballroom at the Ben. Wow. You got such crisp details and her bridal portraits are gorgeous! Great wedding photography all around!

Kelly Loeffler - Beautiful wedding, the bride is stunning and I love your bridal portraits. the venue shots of the receptions are great as well.

Lori Foxworth - Absolutely perfect wedding photography from Ballroom at the Ben. Your Philly wedding photography is so elegant, so classic and lovely you almost make me want to get married. So STOP being so amazing!

Cassie Xie - this is SUCH a glamorous wedding!! You did an amazing job of really capturing the look and feel of their reception space and details. The bride’s dress is fabulous!! I seriously can’t get over those getting ready veil shots!! She’s going to love these photos so much.

Sarah - That dress is such a show stopper!! I adore the picture of her hands and the dress! Beautiful!!

liz - Love your work! And that dress!

Michael and Carina - Nice work Ashlee!!

Jennifer - That Ballroom!!! Stunning! Gorgeous images…you really captured the reception so well. I am a sucker for details and yours are amazing!

Erica - Beautiful wedding! I love her dress!

Crystal - Gorgeous wedding!

Rustic Farm Wedding

This gorgeous rustic farm wedding started off on the bride’s and groom’s farm where they live. Not only did it make the perfect backdrop for photographs but we were able to include there chickens for a quick feeding.  We then headed to St. Katherine’s for bridal party photographs then off to the reception to dance the night away!!

From the sweetest bride- We are so happy this day has finally come! We worked hard to make our day uniquely us. For months we had all these ideas and finally seeing it all put together made us so happy. My favorite part of our ceremony was planting our marriage tree. We’re glad we didn’t go with the traditional unity candle lighting, as we now have a beautiful tree to remind us of our special day, our love, and the joining of our families. I was not nervous about getting married, I was more nervous that something would go wrong during the day, but luckily our family and vendors truly helped make it a day to remember.

Processing: TheFindLab

Makeup : JP from Underground Artistry

Hair stylist: Lauren Vile

Flowers: Brianna Reiley

Cake: Mayfair Bakery

Entertainment: Time of your life entertainment

Cinema: Videographer Martin’s video

Minister: Thomas Brotherton III

Signage: Handcrafted Brunette


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2015-09-09_0039 2015-09-09_0040 2015-09-09_0041 2015-09-09_0042 2015-09-09_0044 2015-09-09_0045 2015-09-09_0046 2015-09-09_0043

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Paul J. Spetrini - Ashlee, you did a wonderful job with these photos. You really brought out the spirit of this couple and the lighting is top notch.
Great job!

Cassie Xie - Stunning images! The details are perfectly captured and the bride looks so regal in her veil. You captured the rustic notes of this wedding perfectly! The chicken detailing on their wedding stationary suite is just too cute 🙂 Beautiful farm wedding photos!

Kelly Loeffler - I love rustic country weddings! there are so many perfect details that you captured about this day. the different flowers are great and I love the clothes line photo of the different dresses. You really captured the unique and perfect little things that made this wedding. Beautifully done

Amy S - These colors! You did such a beautiful job with this rustic farm wedding. And the chickens were just a bonus! Those little flower girls wearing boots was a great idea. You really took amazing photos for the bride and groom!

Lori Foxworth - What a gorgeous farm wedding! You did a beautiful job making rustic wedding photography perfectly elegant. Love the colors, and your bridal portraits are always my favorites. Beautiful work.

Andrea - I love your styling for detail shots, particularly the invitation on the chicken background. Beautiful rustic wedding and you have so perfectly captured the details and the emotions!

Glamorous Philadelphia Wedding

Jessica and Mike’s glamorous philadelphia wedding went off without a hitch. We began portraits and getting ready photographs at the Penn’s Landing Hilton hotel then made our way to Penn’s Landing for a special first look. Everyone was thrilled to be able to share in Jessica and Mike’s first look especially there adorable daughter Hadleigh. Having a first look on your wedding day allows for numerous portrait locations. We next explored the Harbor Pop up park and even were able to snag some cotton candy. Right before Mayor Nutter married Jessica and Mike we took photographs at the pier. The pier is a gorgeous location for portraits. After the ceremony it was all dancing and singing to Bachelor Boys Band, who kept the party going on all night long. Congratulations Jessica and Michael!! 

Venue: Penns landing Caters

Band:Bachelor Boys Band

Hair:Indulgences Beauty Salon

Florist: Marcus Hook Florist

Officiant: Mayor Nutter

Videography: Miles Magnolia Photo & Video

Balloon prop: Silverlake Sisters

Ceremony musicians: The Smooth Sounds of Steve Silicato

Thank you to Jennifer Helene Photography for second shooting!!

Check back soon to see this gorgeous wedding featured on the!!


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2015-09-03_0059 2015-09-03_0040 2015-09-03_0041 2015-09-03_0042 2015-09-03_0043 2015-09-03_0044 2015-09-03_0046 2015-09-03_0047 2015-09-03_0048 2015-09-03_0049 2015-09-03_0050 2015-09-03_0051 2015-09-03_0052 2015-09-03_0055 2015-09-03_0057 2015-09-03_0053 2015-09-03_0054

Bethany S. - What a lovely and romantic wedding in Philadelphia! I LOVE the portrait of the bride & groom on the spiral staircase! So cool. And all her pretty little details? So sweet!

Amy S - Great detail shots! And that night shot in the hammock is a show stopper! You rocked this Philadelphia wedding. Penns Landing made for a great location for a first look. Loved this bride and groom’s unique details and signs. So precious they had their daughter be such a big part! Great work!

Andrea - This wedding looks like it belongs on Style Me Pretty! Glamorous describes this Philadelphia wedding perfectly! Amazing job, Ashlee

Cassie Xie - OMG! Is that a DIY ring box? Those balloons are my FAVORITE. Also gold sequins are my FAVORITE. SO many favorites in one wedding! What a beautiful series of photos, you did such a wonderful job capturing all the intimate details and loving moments of this sweet family’s marriage!

Parker - Your detail shots and your portraits. Wow. No words. You’re an amazing Philadelphia wedding photographer!

Daniel - What beautiful photographs to highlight what looked to be such beautiful Philadelphia wedding! Those photos at Penns Landing were absolutely gorgeous!

Lori Foxworth - Such beautiful wedding photography! I love the first look at Penn’s landing and your detail shots are always stunning. Beautiful work as always!

Romantic New Jersey Wedding

This romantic New Jersey Wedding was filled with so much love, laughter and bliss I could not wait to share it! Katie’s vision for a dreamy and romantic wedding was executed perfectly with Floral Designs from the Flower Shop of Pennington. I loved all of the small touches Katie put together for her wedding day, especially the chalk board signs that each bridesmaid held of how they knew Katie. The personal touches to a wedding day are always my favorite!

One of my favorite things after a gorgeous wedding day is to hear from my stunning brides!!

How did you go about finding your wedding dress?
– Irma’s Bridal was where my older sister bought her dress (which I loved) so I knew I was in good hands.  I tried on about 6-7 dresses with my mom and narrowed it to two.  I later came back with my sister, cousin, future mother-in-law and mom and narrowed it down to the dress I wore!  It had everything a touch of fashion, sparkle and tradition.
What was your favorite part of the day?
The speeches!!  I could not ask for a funnier best man speech, more heartfelt matron of honor toast and loving father of the bride speech.  These people are so important to us and each of them blew us away with their words.
Most memorable part of the day?
Our first dance!  We wanted to make it memorable…and we think we did just that.  We knew we wanted to dance to something classic (and why not Jersey too!) with the Four Seasons “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”  I don’t think we anticipated the dress to be so long nor the floor to be as slippery.  Overall I think we did a pretty good job, I was just happy Andrew didn’t drop me on the dips!
What was your favorite detail of the day?
The ring bearers and flower girl walking down the aisle with the signs “Here Comes the Bride.”  We were so impressed they made it down the aisle, although it took some coaxing and plenty of fruit snacks!  I love them all to pieces and were so happy they were part of the day.


Venue: Tavistock Country Club

Wedding Cinematography: Be Films Wedding Cinema

Band: Chorduroy

Event Planner: Erin Bonner Events

Floral Design: Flower Shop of Pennington

Dress store: Irma Bridal

Grooms attire: Jos A Bank

Signage: Justforkeeps

A special thank you to Jessica Watson Photography for second shooting!!

2015-08-24_0001 2015-08-24_0002 2015-08-24_0003


2015-08-24_0011 2015-08-24_0012 2015-08-24_0049


2015-08-24_0004 2015-08-24_0013 2015-08-24_0014 2015-08-24_0015 2015-08-24_0016 2015-08-24_0017 2015-08-24_0018 2015-08-24_0051 2015-08-24_0050 2015-08-24_0019 2015-08-24_0052
2015-08-24_0020 2015-08-24_0068 2015-08-24_0069 2015-08-24_0021
2015-08-24_0022 2015-08-24_0053 2015-08-24_0023 2015-08-24_0054
2015-08-24_0024 2015-08-24_0025 2015-08-24_0074 2015-08-24_0026 2015-08-24_0028 2015-08-24_0029 2015-08-24_0060 2015-08-24_0061 2015-08-24_0058 2015-08-24_0059 2015-08-24_0030

2015-08-24_0009 2015-08-24_0008
2015-08-24_0007 2015-08-24_0035 2015-08-24_0006 2015-08-24_0037 2015-08-24_0038 2015-08-24_0039 2015-08-24_0040

2015-08-24_0046 2015-08-24_0055 2015-08-24_0056 2015-08-24_0057 2015-08-24_0062
2015-08-24_0064 2015-08-24_0065 2015-08-24_0066 2015-08-24_0075

2015-08-27_0002 2015-08-24_0031



2015-08-24_0076 2015-08-24_0077 2015-08-24_0078 2015-08-24_0079 2015-08-24_0080 2015-08-24_0081 2015-08-24_0086 2015-08-24_0084 2015-08-24_0085 2015-08-24_0087 2015-08-24_0088 2015-08-24_0082 2015-08-24_0083 2015-08-24_0034

Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Andrea - These beautiful wedding photographs are the picture of elegance! What a beautiful real new jersey wedding!

Jill - What a gorgeous wedding! You do amazing work. I love the brides dress and the shot of the happy couple from behind. Thanks for sharing!

Chelsea Anderson - So beautiful! I love the little details, and your ceremony shots are seriously amazing! It’s hard to get great shots for indoor locations, especially because there tends to be a lot of rules in churches and sanctuaries – such a beautiful job and so appropriately titled <3 This should get published!!

Katell - Beautiful! I especially love the flower shots!