Fine Art Wedding Photographer- Old Mill at Rose Valley

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Fine Art Wedding Photographer- Old Mill at Rose Valley


Reception Venue:  The Old Mill; Conner Catering

Reception Lighting: The JMW Entertainment Group

Cake: The Fondant Flinger

Florist: Amaranth Florist

Hair & Makeup: Alexis Vesper & Elaina Millas

Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Groom/Groomsmen Suits: Jos A. Bank

Invitation Suite: Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding Planner : Table 1 Events

Processing: The Find Lab

From the sweetest bride~ I had two parts of the day that I would pick as my favorites, the first was our first look. We are really happy that we did a first look especially with the weather we had on our wedding day! We were able to share a really special moment before our ceremony and had the opportunity to get in some great photos of just the two of us outside at The Old Mill before the rain came.The other really special part of the day was actually when we snuck out of the reception to get some photos outside while in the rain. I loved getting as many photos as possible around our venue with the beautiful backdrop and doing it in the rain made it even more fun!

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Lori Foxworth - What gorgeous wedding photography from The Old Mill! I’m always a huge fan of Ashlee Mintz’s fine art bridal portraits, but I’m in love with those rainboots and bouquets together! Absolutely stunning work as always.

Stephanie Miller - Love every picture! Thrilled with how they turned out! Thank you!!

Linnie - I LOVE the rain boots! Great job!

Kate Whelan - The rain boots are so adorable – great shots! And it looks like they didn’t even need them!

Miranda - What a lovely wedding and beautiful pictures! I love the rain boots! Cute idea and so handy on wedding days 🙂

Colby - Love every detail of this wedding! Especially the bouquets in the rainboots! 🙂

Carly Fuller - Such a gorgeous fine art wedding at Old Mill Rose Valley! Love the glitter photo. Looks like you beat the rain:)

Theresa Bailey - Your pictures are lovely! I really like the flowers in the reain boots and the confetti pictures.

Celeste - You captured their day beautifully!

Alayna - Those invites are gorgeous!!

Sarah Marie - I have the same ring box and LOVE it! And those rain boots are the best! Very unique and fun shoe choice.

Morris Arboretum Garden Wedding

Morris Arboretum Garden Wedding

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On July 6th, 2015 Carlina and I celebrated our 19th anniversary dining outdoors at the Terrain at Styers. It was a beautiful night, and Styers was hosting an outdoor rehearsal dinner. I don’t know what got into to me that night (red wine??) because marriage wasn’t something we spoke of more than once or twice.  The first conversation, back in 2012, went something like this: “Carlina, would you like to get married, ORRRRRR would you prefer hard wood floors?” We opted for hard wood.
As time passed, the political climate changed, and the topic of gay marriage became front and center. Growing up, marriage wasn’t an option/consideration for us, so unlike many little girls, we never fantasized about a fairytale wedding.  Any wedding.
So, fast forward to that night at Styers….it became real for me / us… in a split second something awakened me….we CAN…and now I want to more than ever.  I said “I want to get married here”.
THAT’S what made Saturday SO SPECIAL for us.  Our wedding day wasn’t something we took for granted or expected.
We started researching weddings July 7th, 2015 ( the next day) and quickly ruled out Styers because it couldn’t hold the number of guests we planned to invite.  we narrowed the list to the Morris Arboretum and the Philadelphia Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park. The moment we walked into the Rose Garden, we knew this was the place. We signed the contract on the spot. We never did look at the Horticulture Center.
No Regrets.  Simply the Best…the venue, the photographer, the caterer/food, hair/makeup, our family and friends…it was a fairytale, after all!
Processing: The Find Lab
Thank you to Brittani Elizabeth Photography for second shooting & Jess Watson Photography for assisting + shooting!


Heather - You did a beautiful job capturing their big day! Lovely photos!

Christina - These images are stunning! Great job!

Carly Fuller - What a sweet wedding at the Morris Arboretum garden, love the family portraits too! You can see how much fun the two brides have together, so much love

leslie - These are gorgeous wedding photos Ashlee! Great job capturing the personality of the brides.

Melanie Weitzenkorn - Two gorgeous brides! I love the way you captured really sweet moments between them and some really fun moments too. Beautiful portraits and I love the bridal details. The Morris Arboretum is such a great place in Philadelphia to get married.

Stephanie Woolley - What a beautiful memory! You both look so happy. May your lives together be blessed always! Much love <3

Dreamy Bridals at the Mass Building- Philadelphia


Dreamy Bridals at the Mass Building- Philadelphia

Featured on : The Perfect Palette 2016-05-09_0007 2016-05-09_0001 2016-05-09_0008 2016-05-09_0003 2016-05-09_0002 2016-05-09_0004 2016-05-09_0005 2016-05-09_0006 “I had the pleasure of photographing the epitome of moody wedding inspiration with the most talented vendors. It’s no surprise that with this collaboration of talented vendors that this shoot was going to be nothing short of amazing. La Petite Fleur chose a palette of moody reds, pinks and golds for this romantic shoot. For the bride, Aleksandra Ambrozy created a pretty soft blush look then adding a pop of color to model Jasmine Dane’s lips. Britany of Ashe B. & co chose a beautiful Olia Zavozina gown that complimented the neutral tones of the The Maas Buildling.  Hello Wrenn Bird truly set the tone for this entire shoot with her stunning calligraphy. Each piece was so unique. The Whipped Bakeshop created wafer paper hearts that included love letters. This shoot is definitely for the bride who loves pops of color with a romantic moody spin.”

Mamiya 645 Pro TL
Portra 800
Ashe B. & Co.
Aleksandra Ambrozy Makeup and Hair
Reinhard Modeling
@xojasdane (Jasmine Dane )
Whipped Bakeshop
La Petite Fleur
Hello Wrenn Bird
Be something new ( head piece )
1325 N. Randolph St, Philadelphia
Dress Designer
Olia Zavozina
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Suzanne - Wow! Stunning.

Samantha - This bridal session at the MAAS building is absolutely beautiful! The invitation suite and rings are beautifully styled and that bride is gorgeous! I also love the style of the cake, it’s so romantic and has a great creative edge!

Amberlee - Beautiful bridal shoot at the Mass Building in Philadelphia! Very vintage and romantic feel!

Ryan E - I have never seen the Mass building so incredible looking! Great work! What a beautiful bridal session!

Rebecca - Love this post! The images are so warm and beautiful. Great job!

Lisa - Stop it! This location is amazing! I love the mood you set here and the candles details. Don’t get me started on the cake. Love this all!

Nicolette Sessin - These are stunning! I love the intimate and intentional feel of every photograph.

Judith Soule - Amazing work!!! 😀

Adrienne - Dreamy photos at the mass building in philadelphia!

Ashley Gerrity - The Mass building is such a wonderful backdrop for this moody wedding inspiration shoot. What a gorgeous Philadelphia bridal session!

Carly Fuller - Oh my gooodnessssss what a fabulous and elegant bridal portrait at the Mass Building- Philadelphia

Fine art wedding photography

A glimpse of the girl behind the lens. I am a natural light wedding and portrait photographer and specialize in fine art wedding photography. I studied photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and after receiving my Bachelors degree I worked as an Art Buyer. I first started pursuing wedding photography in 2007 and am forever grateful that I am able to have a full time wedding photography business. I love shooting film and it has changed my business in so many positive ways. I live in West Chester, PA but also love traveling for destination weddings.  When I’m not photographing a wedding you can find me cuddling my two puppies Riley and Penny. 2016-04-20_0001 2016-04-20_0011 2016-04-20_0003

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and for me to be in your world on that day is an honor. My images combine romance, whimsy, and warmth while capturing genuine human emotion. It is with these raw, unrehearsed emotions that I bring you back to that exact moment in time for years to come. Every  wedding is special and I want the moments I capture to be treasured by you as much as they are treasured by me.


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There is no such thing as a typical day. That’s what I love about being a fine art wedding photographer. I am so lucky I get to be creative on a regular basis. One of my favorite things to do is connect with my clients on the styling and bringing together the visual details of there wedding day. Whether it’s working on a wedding color palette together or brainstorming portrait locations I love being available to my clients to provide a wonderful experience.


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Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Sarah Potter - Great work! I love that barn and mountain location!!

Lianna Balestracci - Your work is gorgeous!!

Brit - Stunning work!

Christina - These photos are GORGEOUS! The natural light is impeccable in all of them- so SO pretty! 🙂

Ashley - Gorgeous work! Love it all!

Rachael Johnson - These images are so beautiful!

Matthew Wengerd - I love me some mountains.

Carole - Such beautiful work! I love everything, including the photos of you doing your thing! They might be my favorite part, but pretty much they are all my favorite!

Gabriella - I can’t get over how beautiful these photographs are. You are so talented, Ashlee!

Shelley Easter - Everything about your photos is simply stunning. Beautiful people and locations. Gorgeous work!

Lauren Swann - These are beautiful images, Ashlee!! And you’re so right… No wedding day is the same!!

Shelby Prince - BEAUTIFUL work! LOVE LOVE LOVE!