Overbrook Country Club- Lou & Ashley

Overbrook Country Club- Lou & Ashley

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Overbrook Country Club- Lou & Ashley

Floral Design: Fresh Designs Florist

Dress Boutique: La Bella Moda

Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale

Cake:Potato’s in ( South Philadelphia )

Grooms Attire: Hugo Boss/ Jimmy Choo shoes

Hair: Monica Lai & Alicia Adorno ( Prive Salon )

Makeup: Sandra Palladino

Invitations: Pen & Paper ( Bryn Mawr )

A special thank you to Alex Schon Photography for joining me in photographing this stunning wedding!

Parker - Truly gorgeous wedding photography. Overbook Country Club is a lucky venue, to have hosted this beautiful wedding!

Lori Foxworth - I absolutely adore the Overbrook Country Club for wedding photos! Your detail shots are always absolutely perfect. The bridal portraits with the veil are SO lovely as well as the romantic photos of the bride and groom. I love your posing of bridal parties as well. They are elegant and sophisticated, and still fun. Beautiful work as always!

Kelly Loeffler - This is a wonderful wedding at the Overbook Country Club. Your bridal portraits are simply stunning. I love your light romantic style. The formals of the bride and groom during golden hour are my favorite. You do such beautiful work this bride and groom must be so thrilled

Amy Elizabeth - EVERY single wedding photo is stunning!!! Overbook Country club is a gorgeous wedding venue and you captured it beautifully. Ashlee Mintz you are a FANTASTIC wedding photographer! Thank you for sharing your talents 🙂

Jennifer Lincoln - I notice that several of your photos are metal/shiny objects against very soft backgrounds, like the shoes, and the rings. This is really effective and beautiful. It showcases the object, and at the same time, adds a softness and serenity to the photo. I am really impressed!

Lillian - These gorgeous wedding photos at Overbrook Country Club are so perfect Ashlee Mintz, it’s hard to believe they’re real!

Steve Kuzma - Another beautifully captured wedding by Ashlee Mintz! The Overbrook Country club looks like such a great venue to have a wedding at. Lou and Ashley look absolutely stunning and gorgeous in their portraits, and your images have a beautiful vintage look that really capture their style perfectly!

Paul Spetrini - Ashlee, I’m not too familiar with your work so maybe this is just a typical shoot for you but I’m sitting here at my computer with my mouth agape at how wonderful these photos were.
Seriously. The whole time I’m reading through this blog, I’m just hoping to see a bad image or two to make me feel better about myself but you absolutely killed it here.
There are a dozen or more shots that I’m so envious of and, to me, that means you really put together an incredible effort here capturing this couple’s big day.
I especially loved the colors in the bridal prep photos as well as the absolutely stunning formal photos of the bride and groom.
Amazing stuff.

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