Old City Philadelphia Engagement Session

Old City Philadelphia Engagement Session

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I cannot express enough how much I love engagement sessions. Not only does it give me a chance to get to know you better but it gives you a chance to get in-front of the camera. Old City Philadelphia is one of my favorite places to take my couples for there engagement session. Old City has the perfect combination of charm and color. I was thrilled when Nicki and John decided Elfreth’s Alley, Merchant’s Exchange and City Hall would be perfect for there engagement session. I had the best time traveling around the city with these two.  I cannot wait for there wedding!!

Processing: TheFindLab

Film: Portra 400

Balloons: Kate Spade

A special thank you to Nicole Lois Photography for assisting me on this Old City engagement session!


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Amy Elizabeth - What can I say?! Let me start with how much I love the style that Ashlee Mintz Photography shows off with every session! This Old City Philadelphia engagement session is no different. I love the bright, bold and beautiful feel you provided to this future bride and groom! Great locations and use of lighting for their photos. Great work!

Cassie Xie - What a GORGEOUS and fun session!! I can’t believe how personal these adorable props are. The light in Nicki and John’s old city engagement session is just too divine. You did such a beautiful job of capturing this couple’s love in such a variety of different ways! I’m totally inspired to try my hand at shooting more film (my last engagement, I shot a grand total of…..6 shots on film, sigh)… just need to hire an assistant first, I guess! Beautiful session!! <3

Kelly Loeffler - This engagement session is so dreamy! I love the setting in Old City Philadelphia and that red door is so cute!

Jennifer Lincoln - Ashlee, these are wonderful! I love your use of color. The exposure level gives them a lighter, more fun feeling. The balloons also contribute to the atmosphere. Great work as always!

Parker Radbourne - I’m in love with this engagement session! I feel bad for the couple, having to make choices between all these gorgeous images! I love that you shoot film, as well, it’s such a perfect, beautiful, look that is just not possible duplicate with digital. Seriously, you give Old City Philadelphia new life with your engagement photography!

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