Mount Harmon Plantation


Mount Harmon Plantation Wedding

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I was so honored when John ( grooms father ) asked me to photograph Torrie and Jeff’s wedding. John is also talented photographer who has been a photography mentor to me as well. Having another photographer you admire ask you to photograph one of the most important days of there son’s life is one of the biggest compliments you can receive.

I knew when I met with Torrie and Jeff that there wedding on the Mount Harmon Plantation would be nothing short of a fun and amazing day. Especially, when I found out Gracie there pup was also going to be included. I was thrilled to travel across the state of Maryland to capture this beautiful wedding. This destination wedding included photographs on the dock, an outdoor tented reception and a perfect ceremony overlooking the eastern shore.

Processing: TheFindLab

Film: Fuji400h

A special thank you to Carrie Anne Kelly for photographing this gorgeous wedding with me.

Kelly Loeffler - Mount Harmon plantation is a gorgeous venue and her dress is absolutely stunning. It’s always an honor to be asked by another photographer to shoot a wedding.

Parker Radbourne - I’m in love with this wedding. Literally everything is so beautiful, all the details!!! *swoon* but also the venue! I’ve never been to Mount Harmon Plantation before, it looks like the dream wedding venue! Gorgeous photography!

cathie berrey green - what a beautiful wedding at Mount Harmon Plantation. the bride looked Stunning and you captured their love beautifully.

Amy Elizabeth - Mount Harmon Plantation is such a perfect wedding venue! You captured each wedding detail so beautifully. From the reception twinkly lights to white tent and the wedding band, this seemed like it could have been a movie! Gorgeous wedding photography, Ashlee Mintz!

Jennifer Lincoln - What strikes me about this wedding is how you made use of the space. From the dock to the balcony, you really did a wonderful job of showing the whole picture (no pun intended!). Very nice work!

Paul Spetrini - What a gorgeous and fun wedding by Ashlee Mintz photography.

I loved the look and feel of these photos, especially the cool shots of the bride getting her dress put on and the shots of the dog walking down the aisle with what looked like a camera on its back. Such a cool idea!

Ashlee, your lighting in these shots is top notch and I adore the emotions you caught during this couple’s reception. So awesome. Keep up the good work!

Lillian - As always, these photos are nothing short of Fairytale perfection! All your posts look like they are straight out of magazine beautiful! And this Mount Harmon Plantation wedding exemplifies that trend! I’m especially in love with the adorbs puppy dog!

Cassie Xie - OMG. Those dress shots. I need to wallpaper my entire LIFE with whatever’s going on in that room!! These are some of my favorite getting ready photos yet and I love that you took the time to take an impromptu boudoir shot <3 Your choice in framing and composition always gives your subjects so much room to breathe and exude emotion. The bridal party photos with the little teal sofa – oh my heart! The colors of this wedding are so perfectly matched with the Mount Harmon Plantation. What a beautiful, joyful celebration!

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