Morris Arboretum Garden Wedding

Morris Arboretum Garden Wedding

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On July 6th, 2015 Carlina and I celebrated our 19th anniversary dining outdoors at the Terrain at Styers. It was a beautiful night, and Styers was hosting an outdoor rehearsal dinner. I don’t know what got into to me that night (red wine??) because marriage wasn’t something we spoke of more than once or twice.  The first conversation, back in 2012, went something like this: “Carlina, would you like to get married, ORRRRRR would you prefer hard wood floors?” We opted for hard wood.
As time passed, the political climate changed, and the topic of gay marriage became front and center. Growing up, marriage wasn’t an option/consideration for us, so unlike many little girls, we never fantasized about a fairytale wedding.  Any wedding.
So, fast forward to that night at Styers….it became real for me / us… in a split second something awakened me….we CAN…and now I want to more than ever.  I said “I want to get married here”.
THAT’S what made Saturday SO SPECIAL for us.  Our wedding day wasn’t something we took for granted or expected.
We started researching weddings July 7th, 2015 ( the next day) and quickly ruled out Styers because it couldn’t hold the number of guests we planned to invite.  we narrowed the list to the Morris Arboretum and the Philadelphia Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park. The moment we walked into the Rose Garden, we knew this was the place. We signed the contract on the spot. We never did look at the Horticulture Center.
No Regrets.  Simply the Best…the venue, the photographer, the caterer/food, hair/makeup, our family and friends…it was a fairytale, after all!
Processing: The Find Lab
Thank you to Brittani Elizabeth Photography for second shooting & Jess Watson Photography for assisting + shooting!


Heather - You did a beautiful job capturing their big day! Lovely photos!

Christina - These images are stunning! Great job!

Carly Fuller - What a sweet wedding at the Morris Arboretum garden, love the family portraits too! You can see how much fun the two brides have together, so much love

leslie - These are gorgeous wedding photos Ashlee! Great job capturing the personality of the brides.

Melanie Weitzenkorn - Two gorgeous brides! I love the way you captured really sweet moments between them and some really fun moments too. Beautiful portraits and I love the bridal details. The Morris Arboretum is such a great place in Philadelphia to get married.

Stephanie Woolley - What a beautiful memory! You both look so happy. May your lives together be blessed always! Much love <3