Fine Art Jewelry Photographer‎

Fine Art Jewelry Photographer‎

Are you looking for a fine art photographer to photograph your stunning jewelry collection?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Jewelry: L. Priori Jewelry

Makeup: Shimmer and Spice

Hair: Marissa Tice

Models: Claire Mahoney; Lauren Alexis; Rosa Smucker

Wardrobe: Bella Bridesmaids

Processing: Boutique Film Lab

Film: Portra 400+1

Jan - I love your photos! The eyes are just so alive. What kind of lens did you use? Good job! Nice to see at TRTS group 🙂

Kelly Loeffler - I love your fine art jewelry photos. You do a great job of highlighting the jewelry with your light and clean style

Lauren Priori - I loved this day! Your film photography style is so perfect to make my jewelry look extra gorgeous. More jewelry editorials!! <3 <3

Parker Radbourne - Ashlee …. I just need one day to spend in your shoes. Just one. These photos are so perfect, the jewelry is gorgeous and as usual I’m in love with your work!

Amy Elizabeth - Your photography makes me want to dress up…. and buy pretty things! Gorgeous fine art jewelry photographed with perfect clarity! Great work, Ashlee!