Fine Art Engagement Shoot

Fine Art Engagement Shoot

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Film: Portra 400 & Tri-X 4– Black and White Film

Processing: Boutique Film Lab


Parker Radbourne - Your fine art engagement photography is so inspiring. Ugh. I love that you shoot film, I love that you post the details of what film / lab you’re using, and I love the style of your images! You’re telling the story of their engagement shoot experience, you’re not just plopping people down and posing them for a session.

cathie berrey green - This is a beautiful engagement session and you captured it perfectly. It looks like they had a great time and you can totally tell how much in love they are. and how cute are those dogs!!

Kelly Loeffler - I love this engagement session. Their matching outfits are adorable. the little dogs running is too cute. That ring shot is insanely gorgeous! You finished it off perfectly with the sunset and the horses. So much greatness is one shoot

Lori Foxworth - I love your fine art wedding and engagement photography and your stunning work with film! Your photography manages to be editorial, while still natural and romantic. And any shoot when you have dogs involved is always perfect. Love it!

Jennifer Lincoln - Beautiful fine art engagement shoot! I love the close-up on the engagement ring. The couple are obviously very passionate about their land, the horses, and each other. Great work!

Adrienne - What a beautiful fine art engagement shoot from this Philly Photographer! I love the pups!!

Parker Radbourne - The film you use really makes this fine art engagement photoshoot stand out! I love how cute the couple are and how they included their dogs! Great images!

Daniel Keren - Oh my gosh I loveeee that wide angle photograph second from the top!! And the engagement photos with their cute little weiner dogs, ahhhhhhhh!!! Your fine art photography shot on film seriously gets me wanting to shoot on film so badly. Incredible job capturing this couple’s engagement photos!