Diamond Fashion Editorial

Diamond Fashion Editorial

This shoot was inspired by Lauren Priori’s stunning jewelry collection. Not only will you want every piece of jewelry after viewing this shoot but you will want to contact Lauren for her jewelry expertise. Lauren’s timeless jewelry is meant to be worn and cherished everyday.

       I hope you are inspired with new ways to layer + style your bridal jewelry on the big day!

Photography – Ashlee Mintz Photography

Jewelry – L Priori Jewelry

Flowers – Brave Floral

Gown – Sweet Caroline Styles

Hair and Makeup – Pretty on Arrival

Model – Hello Bird ( Ashley Wrenn )

Processing- The Find Lab

Film: Portra 400 +1

Are you looking for a fine art photographer to photograph your stunning jewelry collection?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!

Ariel - Oh my! *hearteyes* I love the airy, whimsical quality of this – feels so dreamy. And all the diamonds – Lauren Priori knows what’s she’s doing! Gorgeous work!

Kelly L - Oh my goodness all those beautiful rings! So many diamonds and you photographed them beautifully

Lauren Priori - Love this diamond fashion editorial! You make my engagement rings look so good. This was such a fun day. When can we do it again?!

Parker Radbourne - I’m literally angry with you for having taken these gorgeous, perfect editorial photographs. Okay, maybe it’s just pure jealousy. I’m in love with diamond rings, I’m in love with film photography, I’m in love with the styling, I just want to have taken these photos myself.

Adrienne - These rings by L. Priori Jewlery are stunning! What a gorgeous fashion editorial shoot by Ashlee Mintz Photography!