Ballroom at the Ben

I am swooning over this Philly wedding that took place at the Ballroom at the Ben. Noelle and Jason got married at St. Pius church then it was off to the city for us. Noelle’s vision for her wedding was stunning. And her wedding gown was to die for!! This glamorous Philadelphia wedding was bursting at the seems with bling, a gorgeous gown and so much more!!  We headed to Washington Square for bridal party portraits then to the Ballroom at the Ben to party!! This wedding was filled with timeless details and the perfect elegant design. I adored the blush and champagne colors that tied in for the perfect color scheme for this wedding day. This is the perfect inspiration for a bride looking for a wedding filled with lots of glamour!

Venue: Ballroom at the Ben | Finley Catering

Wedding Gown:Wedding Pavilion – Van Cleve Collection

Makeup:Ivey Artistry

Thank you to  Jessica Watson Photography for second shooting!

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Steve - The brides dress looks stunning, excellent job and capturing the detail of it, and showcasing it! This looks like an absolutely in love couple on a perfect wedding day!

Amy S - Just stunning. This Philly wedding was beautiful and you captured it so well! My jaw dropped at that wide shot of the Ballroom at the Ben. Wow. You got such crisp details and her bridal portraits are gorgeous! Great wedding photography all around!

Kelly Loeffler - Beautiful wedding, the bride is stunning and I love your bridal portraits. the venue shots of the receptions are great as well.

Lori Foxworth - Absolutely perfect wedding photography from Ballroom at the Ben. Your Philly wedding photography is so elegant, so classic and lovely you almost make me want to get married. So STOP being so amazing!

Cassie Xie - this is SUCH a glamorous wedding!! You did an amazing job of really capturing the look and feel of their reception space and details. The bride’s dress is fabulous!! I seriously can’t get over those getting ready veil shots!! She’s going to love these photos so much.

Sarah - That dress is such a show stopper!! I adore the picture of her hands and the dress! Beautiful!!

liz - Love your work! And that dress!

Michael and Carina - Nice work Ashlee!!

Jennifer - That Ballroom!!! Stunning! Gorgeous images…you really captured the reception so well. I am a sucker for details and yours are amazing!

Erica - Beautiful wedding! I love her dress!

Crystal - Gorgeous wedding!

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